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The Story
Approximately halfway along the long and arc-shaped archipelago of Japan, spreading over the Kanto Plain and facing the Pacific Ocean, there is the megalopolis of Tokyo. The city presents a complex urban landscape, laced with layer upon layer of railways and highways with a mighty conglomeration of buildings in between. But if Tokyo appears immense and daunting from above, alight for a while in its midst, and you will see that down on the ground it is well organized and highly civilized on a human scale.

But what are the happenings in the midst of all this chaos? What and who are scurrying through the brightly lit streets during the hyper nights in Roppongi, Akasaka, and Aoyama. It's all in the air when it comes to the inhabitants. Anything can happen; anyone with a good imagination and a pocketfull of last nights earnings can have a blast. But when it all comes down to it, life comes first dispite the fun that lurks in the Tokyo air. Life and the like, friendships/hardships and everything inbetween.

This is a modern-day Naruto role-playing community based in Tokyo, Japan. And although the rookies would be attending high-school, this game is based on the other things they have going on in their lives.

And a note to possible future members.

We're looking for members who are devoted to the community, join and remain active, and prepare for being in it for the long run, because we would like this role-play to be one of the longer-lasting ones.

And take your role seriously, or don't even bother joining.

Be nice to the other members; you may know these people for a long time, and being enemies would just be troublesome. If someone bothers you, tell a mod; this isn't saying you can't defend yourself, either. Also, please read the rules before joining and fallow them through so that you will be a part of all the action of the wonderful Tokyo Culture.
01. Respect the other members; we're aiming to keep a fun and friendly environment. Insulting one another OOC, unless a joke between friends is a definite no. This community is aimed at being stress-free, drama-free, and less strict than your usual Naruto role-playing community, while still keeping things in line. So don't pick fights, as this is highly unwanted, and, in most cases, unnecessary.

02. Slash, femmeslash, and het are all welcome here-- rating can range from G to NC-17, so long as there's a warning. No bashing someone for liking yaoi, yuri, whatever. If you don't like it, someone else still can.

03. Please stay in-character in the main community. There is an OOC community for any side conversations you may want to have. Also, this role-play is more of the canon, serious type. So, if you intend to pair your character with someone, please keep it canon, or close to it; if you want crack, there are plenty of other communities that would accept it.

04. AIM is mandatory for this community as-well. If you do not have means of getting this then contact a mod to work something out.

05. God-modding is a no. As is unwanted [read: negative] criticism on how someone plays their character, AKA 'flaming'. If you have a problem with how someone is playing in the community, then contact a mod.

06. Activity is mandatory as well! Please do not apply, get accepted and then do nothing. It's discouraging to the other players that wish to role-play with you. Try to post at least once every two weeks or so. If you do apply, join and then do nothing, the mods and the players get upset. There is a limit of two characters per player, unless mod approval is received first.

07. If you ever to want to leave the community, make a clear post on either the main community, your character journal, or the OOC community. Notify one of the mods so that they can remove you from the character list. Afterwards, unfriend everyone. This may seem unimportant, but it is for a reason.

08. If you are not leaving, but instead going on a hiatus, please follow the same idea of making it quite easy to find that you'll be gone, your reasons why, and about how long we should expect to wait for your return. Also come up with an excuse for the character you manage to be gone.

09. You are required to have a PB. This means: You need to have a real life model to represent your character. If you need help with finding one, contact the mods for assistance.

10. Some experience is needed if you would like to be in this community. Any experience is good as long as you know the basics. Good grammar and spelling is also a must. Livejournal and some e-mail providers have a spell-checker, so there are no excuses. Here is a brief example of how to use LJ's spell check. Reading over your entries and posts a second time can also help.

11. All logs should be placed under a lj-cut and placed on the main community:
<lj-cut text="Line from log">
Applications are closed.
Taken Characters
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Abumi Zaku selectivesin harmonies
Hoshigaki Kisame 7_of_swordz tsuyosaoboetai
Hyuuga Hinata shaded_smiles harmonies
Hyuuga Neji white_swirl blue_revelation
Inuzuka Hana doggylife shibari
Inuzuka Kiba lonewolfboy kazzoo
Juugo bird_whisperer tsuyosaoboetai
Kamizuki Izumo izumothehost shigeruhiko
Kidoumaru spidermanyo shibari
Mitarashi Anko screamsayounara nobody_famous
Momochi Haku frosted_mirrors harmonies
Nara Shikamaru cloudaddict shibari
Sabaku Gaara bloodyumbrella animeagan
Sabaku Temari voice_for_you rejects
Sakon thewondertwinz rejects
Suigetsu omnompiranha mirroriste
Tayuya demonmelody ichizu
Tenten heavengirlx ichizu
Tsuchi Kin songstress_kin tsuyosaoboetai
Ukon thewondertwinz rejects
Uzumaki Naruto foxy_fiend animeagan
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AIM: Sososnook
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