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Welcome To Tokyo!
Have A Nice Day.
Lets Get Drunk Tonight! 
2nd-Jan-2008 09:39 pm
Who: Tayuya and Kin (haha)
When: 2nd January
What: Kin was lonely and managed to get someone to come over and keep her company. Drinking ahead!
Warning: It's Tayuya (and Kin!), and they're drinking.

It didn't take Kin the whole of the half hour she'd told Tayuya it would take. It hardly even took her twenty minutes, for there was a lovely little place right down the street that was practically a hop, skip, and a jump away. Kin had gone and come back and left the two kinds of beverages in the fridge, with a third left out for her to look at. She got down some glasses, nothing fancy for she'd sold those, and set them on the counter. There was ice in the fridge. They were those cute little ice cube shapes, her mother had bought them and insisted on using them. Ice was ice, even if they did come in cyan blue, magenta, violet, yellow, and lime green flowers.

With a flop onto the same-old couch in the same-old living room, Kin rolled onto her back and stared at the ceiling. Did she really want to do this? People knew she was pretty adverse to drinking after all. . .Yes. Yes she did. Like many people these days it seemed that she, too, was fed up with life at the moment. A little drinking wouldn't hurt, not in her logic. Of course she was drinking to get drunk, not drinking because it tasted good. Kin thought any sort of alcohol tasted pretty shitty, but that was behind her for the night. She was going to have a friend over, they were going to drink, and in the morning after her hang over, she would go to work and go on with life.

"Tayuya, come on." The raven haired teen groaned to herself, hand reaching up toward the roof. She looked at her palm, then the back side, and wiggled around her fingers. It was almost a shame Sakon and Ukon weren't going to be here, Kin thought. But then again it was an "almost" shame.
11th-Jan-2008 01:50 am (UTC)
Kin chuckled. "Don't be a baby," she said with a small slur. "And get off!" Under Tayuya she squirmed, arms and feet pushing down into the floor as she wiggled to get out from under the other. She was smiling, it was silly and fun.

"And, gimme the beer!" She stopped moving, having backed herself up about a foot to have Tayuya over her thighs instead of torso. Her hands reached up for her arm, pulling it down to get at the drink.
14th-Jan-2008 10:44 pm (UTC)
"Che, no way," Tayuya smirked, pulling her arm back as Kin pulled it to herself. The fact that she could possibly cause the drink to go bye-bye with the fighting over it didn't even cross her mind. Actually, she was pretty confident that she would not do something as stupid as let it fall, but she was drunk and that was quite possible in her state. It was especially possible since she began her random giggling yet again, her grip on the bottle tensing and loosening every second but she made sure to hold onto it firmly. Kin wasn't getting it back.
14th-Jan-2008 11:57 pm (UTC)
"Um, yes way." Kin replied as she laughed also. She wanted that drink back, and she wanted it now. While she held on tight to Tayuya's arm, she tried to force her body down with her leg. It was really a useless go, but she had at it anyway. All she did manage was to make herself fall down and let go of the drink.

"Damn you! Give it to me!"
15th-Jan-2008 03:18 am (UTC)
Tayuya gave her an apologetic smirk (though her eyes looked far from 'I'm Sorry'). It was kind of sad that she couldn't get the drink back, but Tayuya could care less. It was fun, keeping the drink away from Kin.

"Uh. Fuck no," she said before downing the drink right before Kin's eyes.
15th-Jan-2008 07:39 pm (UTC)
A little squeal came out of Kin as her mouth then hung open. "You..." The girl glared up at Tayuya before throwing herself at her. She dragged the other to the floor, laughing in a silly way similar to "Ha haha."

"Drink my drinks. Pft." Kin sat on Tayuya's abs, arms crossed over her chest. "Well try to get up to get the rest."
17th-Jan-2008 08:18 pm (UTC)
Tayuya choked on the last bit of beer travelling down her throat into the wrong pipe. She dropped the now empty bottle besde her and held her hand over her mouth as she tried coughing the beverage out. "You... fucking bitch," she said raspily, glaring up at the girl sitting on her.

Her hands shot out, reaching for the other's shirt collar to throw her to the other side of the room. The most she could do before getting out her last couple of coughs though was hold her arms out before pulling them back to cover her mouth again.
17th-Jan-2008 08:56 pm (UTC)
Kin slipped onto the floor and off of Tayuya moments before she could be thrown. Not that she thought the other had any levity over her from underneath.

"Don't be so dramatic," said Kin. She leaned forward on her elbows and looked over to Tayuya. "Don't die on me either, huh? I can't deal with that."
17th-Jan-2008 09:40 pm (UTC)
"Tch, whatever, bitch," Tayuya grumbled. Happy her wind pipe was devoid of anything that wasn't supposed to be there she folded her arms behind her head to get more comfortable on the floor.

"I'd be better off... fuck it," the redhead shrugged. Not that she cared too much, but she knew Kin was already trying to deal with the loss of her mother. Why it would matter if Tayuya died, she didn't know, but she Kin was pretty chick-y and chicks did that crying shit over nothing. She really hated that.
17th-Jan-2008 10:19 pm (UTC)
"Tayuya is a baby." Kin chanted twice, then got up off the floor to go get the second and final drink. "I think I'll cut you off. Shame, this is the good stuff." Laughing evilly she snatched the bottle off of the counter and then stuck her tongue out at her friend.

Briefly she considered a tongue piercing, but her deep subconscious said it was the alcohol speaking.

Going and sitting with the redhead on the floor, Kin popped open the top and took a drink. She was humming to herself.
19th-Jan-2008 06:12 pm (UTC)
"Kin's gonna get her shit split." Tayuya chanted back before the girl got up and came back with the last drink.

She looked at Kin with her usual scowl as she drunk. "Hn. I know you're fucking thinking of sharing."
20th-Jan-2008 11:11 pm (UTC)
"Am I?" Kin laughed as she took another drink. "I don't think I will." She smiled around the rim of the bottle and then pulled it away from her face. Then, after sighing, she gave over the bottle. "Fine. Because I can't be mean." Kin laughed.

[Time jump again? lol]
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