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Welcome To Tokyo!
Have A Nice Day.
Lets Get Drunk Tonight! 
2nd-Jan-2008 09:39 pm
Who: Tayuya and Kin (haha)
When: 2nd January
What: Kin was lonely and managed to get someone to come over and keep her company. Drinking ahead!
Warning: It's Tayuya (and Kin!), and they're drinking.

It didn't take Kin the whole of the half hour she'd told Tayuya it would take. It hardly even took her twenty minutes, for there was a lovely little place right down the street that was practically a hop, skip, and a jump away. Kin had gone and come back and left the two kinds of beverages in the fridge, with a third left out for her to look at. She got down some glasses, nothing fancy for she'd sold those, and set them on the counter. There was ice in the fridge. They were those cute little ice cube shapes, her mother had bought them and insisted on using them. Ice was ice, even if they did come in cyan blue, magenta, violet, yellow, and lime green flowers.

With a flop onto the same-old couch in the same-old living room, Kin rolled onto her back and stared at the ceiling. Did she really want to do this? People knew she was pretty adverse to drinking after all. . .Yes. Yes she did. Like many people these days it seemed that she, too, was fed up with life at the moment. A little drinking wouldn't hurt, not in her logic. Of course she was drinking to get drunk, not drinking because it tasted good. Kin thought any sort of alcohol tasted pretty shitty, but that was behind her for the night. She was going to have a friend over, they were going to drink, and in the morning after her hang over, she would go to work and go on with life.

"Tayuya, come on." The raven haired teen groaned to herself, hand reaching up toward the roof. She looked at her palm, then the back side, and wiggled around her fingers. It was almost a shame Sakon and Ukon weren't going to be here, Kin thought. But then again it was an "almost" shame.
3rd-Jan-2008 03:24 am (UTC)
Tayuya lingered in the room Kidomaru had let her stay at for a bit a few minutes. Partly because her agreeing to go to Kin's and drink was done half-heartedly, and partly because she still really wanted to find that damned Kazuo or Kazuki or whatever that bastard's name was. She wouldn't feel bad for ditching the girl, then again one night of just hanging out, getting drunk, and not searching all over kabukicho for the bastard was not a bad idea. It was getting annoying, looking for someone that couldn't be found, and it just had to be the person who she wanted to beat the shit out of the most that she could not get a hold of. However not being one to give up so easily, she was not going to just stop looking for him. She hated him, and using her rather irrational and messed up logic, came to the conclusion that he deserved a beating uncomparable to any other.

After making sure no one else was out in the halls to bug her about where she was planning on going and what she was planning on doing, she ventured out onto the streets, to Kin's apartment. Or the outside of it rather. After locating what she assumed was the right fire escape stairs, she climbed them without too much trouble at all. She had been breaking into peoples apartments for the past few weeks and seemed to be a pro at getting past such obstacles as gates and a few feet of space distancing herself from the ladder of fire escape. She got to where she was sure was Kin's apartment, and went inside the already opened window.

The amount of pink in the room she entered was absolutely nauseating. Tayuya honestly felt the need to vomit. Exaggerating or not, the room looked awful. She had half a mind to turn back, thinking she got the wrong apartment, but walked out of the room into what she rightly guessed would be the living room. With her hands shoved into the pockets of her jacket, she directed her gaze at the raven-haird girl laying on the only couch in the room. "Hey," she grumbled, taking a seat on the arm of the furniture.
3rd-Jan-2008 03:39 am (UTC)
Kin looked up and gave a small smile. "Hey," she said in return. She was glad Tayuya had come, though from even her attitude online she wouldn't have blamed her if she hadn't. Tayuya seemed extremely angry today, more so than she imagined the girl usually was. But that aside, Kin got to her feet and held out her hand. She motioned for the redhead's jacket, fingers moving in a grab-at way.

"Sorry about the bomb that's called my room," the girl apologized with a roll of her eyes in disgust. "I forgot to warn you. Thank god it's going down in a few days." Indeed. The sheer amount of pink could easily "out-pink" that of a small girls. Kin's mother had once believed her daughter was still seven and not seventeen. Why, by now, Kin had no ditched the room for something else was even beyond her. Every time she went to go take down those nasty magenta-sequin curtains or change the new-born-baby-girl pink bed spread she just stopped. She stopped, looked at it all, slammed the door behind her, and slummed around in the living room. Kin supposed it was guilt keeping her from changing it. Though on the other hand there was nothing to change to. Her mothers bed sheets wouldn't fit her bed, being two sizes too large. And moving out in a week or so gave her no motivation.

But in the least it was less pink, having sold some decor on eBay along with much of her mothers things. Kin had made quite a bundle, in her opinion. She even had money in the bank, which was a surprise because for once she wasn't spending it on the boys down at HQ for their lunches. It was a nice change. Though she had yet to spend it, a topic she briefly discussed with Shikamaru late in the previous year. What should she even buy? Kin didn't want anything, other than for someone to talk to her or even sit in the same goddamn room as her. She wanted normalcy and comfort, things she wouldn't dare ask for because she had a little too much pride.
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