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Welcome To Tokyo!
Have A Nice Day.
New years with friends 
31st-Dec-2007 08:42 pm
moment smile
Who: Suigetsu & Juugo [Kimi if Kimi wants, though Sui wont be to pleased]
When: December 31st --- January 1st
Where: The joint living space
Warnings: default Sui warnings
Open?: Not really o_o Not unless Karin or Sasuke feel like popping in............

Suigetsu had gone out to get some alcohol.

While he had never been a fan of new years celebrations, he did know how to enjoy it when he had the chance. Ever since he was tall enough to pass for an adult, he had found a way to get alcohol. Being able to get it had gotten him invitations to parties, so he never had to be stuck at home with his dad. As he had moved from his old neighborhood only recently, he hadn't had an opportunity to tell his old neighbors where he now lived. Because of this, he had found it only fitting to have a small little party with his best friends.

Too bad two of the three were unreachable.

With neither Karin nor Sasuke answering his calls (he assumed the worst of course, and very little stopped him from storming over to Sasuke's place in order to stop whatever he assumed they were doing), he was left with Juugo. He didn't mind, and it was for this reason he had gone out to get alcohol.

Shutting the door with his foot, Suigetsu grinned as he dropped the bottles down on the closest counter.

"Juugo, I'm back!"
1st-Jan-2008 02:02 am (UTC)
Juugo wasn't a celebrator of holidays or new years at all. Christmas had come and gone without any notice on his part. Currently he lay upon the couch, having decided not to sit upon "his" chair today. Arm up over his eyes blocking out the dim light coming from the open blinds on the slider door. The lamps in the home were off, one leg up on the back of the couch.

"Welcome back," Juugo called out as he heard Suigetsu's voice follow the door opening and closing. Lifting up his head and shoulder area, his arm moved and he saw his friend over the small ledge that separated the hall and kitchen from the living room. With a small grunt he got up and lumbered over to his friend. "What did you get?"
8th-Jan-2008 03:45 am (UTC)
Suigetsu's grin didn't fade when Juugo came towards him. In fact, it only grew as he broke open the case that held the beer bottles. He was rather proud of his skill (that is, the skill of obtaining alcohol while under age without ending up broke) and liked to show it off. If he wasn't going to a party this year, this was a pretty good opportunity.

"Wiskey, Sake, Vodka and Beer. Oh and some tea if you feel like being a traditional old bag." He tossed the bag of tea leaves to Juugo, hopping onto the counter and over before shuffling through the drawers in search of a bottle opener.

[OOC: Sorry for being so late! D:]
10th-Jan-2008 12:45 am (UTC)
The other shook his head, watching Suigetsu rummage around before pulling out the opener he sought. In silence Juugo handed it over, having taken it from it's usual place easily. His quiet no longer had that awkwardness, no longer was he just like a picture on the wall. Juugo now had presence, something had changed, though he himself was not aware of it.

"You know I don't like alcohol," the tall male commented. While his one hand held out the opener to Suigetsu, the other reached out and turned the bottles around so he could read the labels. They all looked so very unappetizing to be honest, and smelled even worse. Sake wasn't so bad, it had that sweetness it wasn't really supposed to have sometimes. But the rest? No. Juugo might pass on those, however, he may just have at least one cup of sake. It was classic.
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