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Welcome To Tokyo!
Have A Nice Day.
What we do when the world is glittering around us 
24th-Dec-2007 01:35 pm
Who: Zetsu & [OPEN]
When: December 24th
Where: A bookstore in akihabara
Warnings: default Zetsu warnings, to be announced otherwise
Open?: Yes.

Zetsu never liked the snow.  He loved the warmth of the sun and the humidity that he created in his apartment.  He loved the weather that was perfect for growing his beloved plants.  In the snow, Zetsu felt drained, frozen to the bone.  His seasonal cycling plants that sat on his terrace were temporarily dead, and he would not feel well again until they did.  It was around this time that he always developed a cough, becoming more pale than normal underneath his concealing makeup.  He would take shelter in heated buildings when he could, keeping his coat on at all times.  This time, he had found himself in a large book store. 

Zetsu never cared much more the holiday season.  The new year was just another day to him, and he had no reason to care for Christmas.  He had never joined in the celebrations, not even owning a fitting Yukata.  He hadn't had one since he was a child, and he had no intention of ever having one.  Instead, he would buy a book and sit in his apartment, reading as the celebrations went on outside.

As for now, it was time to find that book.

Coughing into his medical mask, Zetsu flipped through the pages on a book about European plant life.  Mosses were far more interesting to him than mistletoe and bamboo. 
26th-Dec-2007 09:15 am (UTC)
Zetsu never expected anyone to address him. People, for the most part, avoided him, which he appreciated in his own way. It was a bit of a surprise when the girl nearest him asked him a question, and even more that is concerned his own health in a positive way. It was so much of a surprise that all he did was glance at her, assuming that she hadn't actually been addressing her. She must have been talking to someone else, either on the phone or nearby. While he was not aware anyone else was near on this side of the shelf, he could never be too sure about the other side.

Putting his book back, he coughed again as he searched for a more informative one.
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